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1 Why Corinne Is A Successful Business Bish You Should Stop Judging. – The Hush Feed


Why Corinne Is A Successful Business Bish You Should Stop Judging.

Why is it when someone has a fun outgoing personality and they don’t give a fuck about what people think about them, they are automatically treated as stupid or not serious enough? On The Bachelor this season, Corinne has been portrayed as a superficial idiot that is too immature to marry Nick. Nick, who has been on countless bachelor shows and has had many immature moments of his own over the past couple of years. A confident woman who is fun and bubbly, is often misconstrued as someone who is not serious or successful.

In my experience, there are generally two types of business women who are successful.

Type 1: women who feel the need to be serious in all aspects of their life, and do not take anyone seriously who does not present themselves in an identical manner.

Type 2: Women who are serious about working their ass off, have a care free fun personality that they let shine through, no matter what environment they are in.


Once a type 1 acts superior, talks down to, or is flat-out disrespectful in their tone, there is little that can salvage that relationship with a type 2.

Corinne seems to be the second type of business woman who is carefree and wild, but at the end of the day has all of her shit done. Just because someone is blonde, bubbly and fun, doesn’t mean that is all they are. Making up words and sayings that are “incorrect and not in the dictionary” is not something a type 2 gives a fuck about.

Unique creative ideas and hilarious variations of normal structured processes, is what makes the type 2 woman so magnetic. They have a more natural than rehearsed approach, and people would rather do business with a genuine person. For those who are successful business women, and have personality, do not feel inferior to the structured demeaning bitches that may surround you.

We are not sure if Nick and Corinne will end up together this season, but we do want to list just a few reasons why we love Corinne!

She is from Florida. There is only one thing better than being a southern girl, and that is being a Louisiana southern girl. She may not be from Louisiana but we say that Florida is pretty damn close.

Corinne is straight up as Hell, which is exactly what you want in a friend or love interest. People who know who they are exude confidence, and that is what makes Corinne more attractive than her insecure competitors.

She was in a Juicy J, 2 Chainz & Tha Joker music video for a second, which we love because it shows us a different side.

Corinne and her sister have an unbreakable bond. There is nothing stronger or more supportive than the love of a sister.

She knows how to have fun and create an entertaining environment when there is no entertainment to be found.


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