Valentine’s Day Social Media Drinking Game

Have you always wanted to play a drinking game off of social media posts that pop up? If so, play our valentine’s day drinking game!! For those of you in the office, you may want to take the day off to play this game. If you are single this game is sure to get you through the worst “single awareness day”.  If you are not single as fuukkk, grab your partner and play along. We all see the same shit every year on social media. The engagements, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts can be overwhelming.  Some people act lime green jello of the beyond romantic gestures others receive.  Some of us think that the V-day bull shiz is over the top and hilarious. I like to always guess which couple will get engaged on the V-day.  When you see any of the following take a shot. If you prefer to go slow, start with sips.  Keep track of your shots and play with friends!

1. Engagement

2. Flowers

3. Chocolate Gifts

4. Oversized stuffed animals

5. Status about dinner

6. Pictures Of couples Matching

7. V-day pet gifts

8. V-day breakups

9. Red or pink outfits

10. Any single bitch sorrow status


11. Any single awareness post

12. When someone gets Shari’s Berries






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