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Retail Hell at Christmas Time

Anyone who has ever worked retail during the holiday season can and will tell you that it is their busiest time of year. Lots of late hours, disgruntled customers that “couldn’t use the coupon” on that one item listed in the fine print for which said coupon did not apply. Ah yes, the [...]

Another Damn Hallmark Movie?

Ever seen a Hallmark Christmas movie? Ever go to bed crying because you've just realized that shit will never happen to you? Yeah, me either. Hallmark movie characters have it all, and if they start out with nothing they end the movie on a high note. Whether that means getting the man/woman with [...]

Christmas Nostalgia 2016

We all have certain things that are nostalgic to us. Songs or shows that send us back to a memory of something we begin to miss as an adult. I have compiled some of my favorite videos of songs, Christmas cartoons, and clips from films that remind me of the holiday spirit. It [...]

The Horrors of Holiday Traffic

Every year around the same time, which is the week before the Thanksgiving holiday, driving in everyday traffic becomes its own inner circle of Hell. Yes, the hustle and bustle of making groceries, purchasing gifts for family members and the like can be an all out Hellish experience. Those of us who are brave [...]

The Battle Beneath

There are certain people in this world that are different than most others. People that waste away fighting a war with a ghost. They let the fight consume them to the point the fight is all they know. It wears them down, shatters the foundation of any stability they've ever dreamed of having, [...]

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” and the Misnomer of “Rape” Culture

My lady bits just dried up like the Sahara from listening to the remake of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. Yes, the new millennial generation took it upon themselves to remake a classic in the worst way possible. The singing wasn't bad, it was the re-worded lyrics that did us all in. Thanks, Lydia Liza [...]

5 Easy Ways You Can Dominate Being On Time In 2017

Did you have trouble being on time in 2016? You are not the only one! No matter how much I tried I was late for most everything in 2016.  Running into the office with hater blockers trying to ignore the resentment of all of the "on timers", hiding my Starbucks coffee that made [...]

2016-Reflections of a Steel Magnolia

In the time I have been on this earth, this year, by far, has been high on the scale of utter ridiculousness. 2016 has turned me into Ouiser Boudreaux from the film Steel Magnolias....See if you have an inner Ouiser Boudreaux point of view as we go into 2017. Happy New Year!   [...]

New Year’s Eve-Drinking Away 2016

Let the festivities begin! Hopefully, you had a better year than a lot of people did in 2016. For those of us who experienced some difficulties this year, well, here are some gifs to add a little cheer to welcoming 2017. Having adult beverages to celebrate the new year brings people closer together.... [...]

Holding Out Hope For 2017 Because 2016 F***** Me

Oh 2016, the year that totally fucked me. I was on my way to getting my shit together at the end of 2015. All my bills were caught up and paid on time. I didn't mind my job, the people I worked with didn't completely let their demons out yet. I was just [...]

Supernatural Photo Goes Viral-Fake or Real?

Nephilim, demons, angels.....The Devil. Yes, most of us have heard of the devil. Satan, Beelzebub, Baphomet etc. A recent photo of what looks like a large demonic figure, or dark angel has popped up from Phoenix, Arizona. Is it a hoax? Who knows. Is it real? Well, it looks pretty convincing. Some people [...]

Why Corinne Is A Successful Business Bish You Should Stop Judging.

Why is it when someone has a fun outgoing personality and they don't give a fuck about what people think about them, they are automatically treated as stupid or not serious enough? On The Bachelor this season, Corinne has been portrayed as a superficial idiot that is too immature to marry Nick. Nick, [...]

Zulu Parade!

The Zulu organization is proud of its standing in the local community, but also takes pride in its national and international standing. The Zulu organization has been the subject of numerous television documentaries and newsprint and magazine articles. King Zulu 1949, Louis Armstrong, graced the pages of Time Magazine that year. Essence devoted [...]

Valentine’s Day Social Media Drinking Game

Have you always wanted to play a drinking game off of social media posts that pop up? If so, play our valentine's day drinking game!! For those of you in the office, you may want to take the day off to play this game. If you are single this game is sure to [...]