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Holding Out Hope For 2017 Because 2016 F***** Me

Oh 2016, the year that totally fucked me. I was on my way to getting my shit together at the end of 2015. All my bills were caught up and paid on time. I didn’t mind my job, the people I worked with didn’t completely let their demons out yet. I was just getting to a point where I was financially stable, I could buy shampoo and conditioner without the fear of putting my bank account in the negative. That’s what I really consider being an adult.


Then it all went to shit.

First off, I purchased a new car. I went from having no car note to having a $300 one. Which let me clarify, I had to get it. I was still on top of my bills and holding my shit even with the new car. I just couldn’t miss any work. Ever. If I did it would throw my whole budget off track.

Secondly, I made a ton of new friends. Then promptly gave up most of those new friends. I’m a grown ass woman who can barely keep her own life in check so I don’t have the time to clean up yours too. I guess that’s a good thing that came from 2016. I put myself first when I need to. I don’t bend over backward to keep people happy with me anymore. High five for personal growth.

Third, the lab I worked in stopped taking new patients. 40 people got laid off but I managed to keep my job. For 9 months I stuck with this place while they tried to get their doors open again. At this time is when my co-workers decided to let their personal demons roam the earth. Picture mean girls but with 40-50 year old women.

I understand people get bored when the work starts running low, but ladies it’s no excuse to start acting like a bunch of bored 12-year-old bitches. Shit talking, rumors, trying to get people fired, alienation, stealing time, and kissing ass like pros, is just some of the shit that happened. Towards the end, I actually got in trouble for not kissing ass. I was written up for not being a “Team Player”. Look, I go to work to work, not hear about your shitty teenagers, that you raised to be that way, by the fucking way. Not only had my hours and pay been cut, but now I had a big target on my back. So, because they pissed me off after 3 years with this company, and over 6000 hours given to them, I found a new job, which I start on January 3, 2017. Stay tuned to see how that turns out.

Fourth, the dog that I raised since he was born, the dog I have loved even though he’s a bastard,  scratched the entire cornea in my right eye. I was blind for a week and because I was blind for a week, I missed a week of work. With no pay. Then because I was blind for a week I had to go to a specialist every day. EVERY FUCKING DAY, $85 co-pay every time.

So the financial stability I was so proud of that I mentioned earlier? GONE. No money saved. I’m running out of shampoo and conditioner, and i’m just so fucking done with 2016. If I tried to write about every fucked up thing that happened in 2016 then we would all be proof reading this article until 2018.

I’m coming for you 2017,
The Hushanator

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