Chocolate Cherry Kiss Martini

Try this decadent martini! One kiss on the lips and you will be in love.

Recipe by: Cork and Spoon



1.5 ounces chocolate vodka + 1 teaspoonChocolate Cherry Martini Ingredients
1-ounce black cherry juice
1.5 ounces sparkling wine or enough to top off (use Prosecco if you prefer sweeter cocktails)
1-ounce dark chocolate
ice cubes
frozen black cherries (optional)



  1. Place dark chocolate on a small, evenly surfaced plate with 1 teaspoon of chocolate vodka. Heat in microwave at 50% power for 20-second intervals until chocolate is melted. Stir to create an even and smooth chocolate sauce.
  2. Take a martini glass and hold it at an angle. Dip edge into chocolate sauce and slowly twist glass until entire rim is coated in chocolate.
  3. If using frozen cherries, place one in each glass.  Set glasses in refrigerator until cocktail is ready.
  4.  Add ice to your cocktail shaker and pour in the remaining chocolate vodka and black cherry juice. Close shaker and give it a shake until surface is chilled.  Pour into martini glass(es).
  5. Top off each martini glass with the sparkling wine.
  6. Toast to love…or to shooting Cupid in his bare behind.


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