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“Baby It’s Cold Outside” and the Misnomer of “Rape” Culture

My lady bits just dried up like the Sahara from listening to the remake of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. Yes, the new millennial generation took it upon themselves to remake a classic in the worst way possible. The singing wasn’t bad, it was the re-worded lyrics that did us all in. Thanks, Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski for making sure that everyone’s ears and private bits felt like sand paper.


Just listening carefully to the new lyrics, it’s like what the Hell? Buy the song anywhere online??? No, thank you. I will listen to and enjoy the original in all of its glory. Why? Because I have a higher understanding of the push and pull of flirtation and consent than a teenager or forever virgin. I really feel like the education system has failed in teaching the reading comprehension skills necessary to survive in this world. It just seems like some people don’t have the capacity to understand what they read or hear nowadays. The parents are also to blame since their children have no clue how to interact with people other than through some form of technology.


As I sit here listening to this song, it occurred to me… These people have probably never gotten laid a day in their life.This remake sounds and looks like a horrible pop song remake produced by the Westboro Baptist Church. (btw there are some hilarious/scary gems on their youtube channel from what I recall) Pomegranate Lacroix ??? What kind of foody fah fah drink is that? Looks and sounds like some pretentious douchey nonsense to me.

Why aren’t they splitting a bottle of whiskey while playing Super Mario and shmack talking? Don’t get me wrong here, I think it’s great to be respectful of the person you are dating, and that should go without saying. But is it really necessary to take a classic song and remake it in such a crappy manner because of a distorted view of the art of flirtation to the point that nobody wants to approach the opposite sex anymore?

As I continued to watch the music video, both singers look miserable. The poor guy looks like a beaten puppy dog. He looks defeated and miserable. I’ve seen some baby boomers comment saying “Oh, well, I think it’s a nice thought and we should have an open dialogue about this remake and try to understand their point of view.”

NOOOOO! We don’t need an “understanding their point of view discussion” directed at us by these misinformed sensitive Sallys. Personally, I understand completely where they are coming from. An ill-informed misguided and miseducated view about sex, relationships, and the attainment of such things. They say it is about rape culture, but it just doesn’t seem that way. Stop dipping in the Kool-Aid, when you don’t even know the flavor. The only conversation that needs to be had, apparently, is the “birds and the bees” conversation. Good grief! What the actual heck is going on here?


I know we can’t see it in the music video, but one just knows from being accosted by the bland lyrics and monotone singing…..His manhood shriveled up….Legit. This is a manhood shriveling remake of a song. The conversation that needs to be had is how to flirt, how to read body language, and why flirtation and its purpose is acceptable. There is nothing wrong with flirting. Flirting doesn’t automatically mean you have to have sex. It is a lovely life dance that people do when they are interested in each other. It makes waiting to have sex, or the anticipation leading up to such things fun and the experience more enjoyable. Flirtation, even without the possibility of sex anytime soon, lets’s the other person know that you are interested in them. Gavin McInnis has the best explanation that goes into greater detail on youtube if you need that sort of thing.

Some girls today have a huge misconception about flirtation. If a guy shows the slightest interest in a girl by giving her a compliment or flirting, some girls automatically think “RAPE!” because of all of the crap being put out about this “rape culture” we live in, on social media news feeds and the like. Ladies, take a hint stop believing everything that is being posted by angry or confused women on social media. Please don’t buy into all of this SJW/Feminazi bull roar.

I’m 31 years old and I’m considered a millennial by the baby boomers and a “gen-Xer” by millennials, so I’m stuck in that weird generational gap. I understand that as a woman we need to look out for ourselves, but fearmongering about a natural occurrence in relationships is not beneficial to us or the young ladies that are growing up right now. If we continue down this path, the dialogue between men and women will become more muddled and miscommunication will abound.


Some people need to get a grip, it’s called romance.There has been so much complaining about relationships and gender issues, we have forgotten about romance. Please don’t forget the romance. It is not just something in the movies or in books. It is real if practiced properly and done responsibly.

If I could have a Christmas wish come true at the end of this utterly craptastic year, it would be that everyone had a better understanding of human interaction, more common sense, and respect for those who deserve it. Merry friggin Christmas, and hopefully you dance, drink, or get busy while listening to the ORIGINAL song.

P.S. If you do get a hankering to listen to the “politically correct/anti-rape culture” version, at least turn it into a drinking game. You won’t find it here, though.




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