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5 Easy Ways You Can Dominate Being On Time In 2017

Did you have trouble being on time in 2016? You are not the only one! No matter how much I tried I was late for most everything in 2016.  Running into the office with hater blockers trying to ignore the resentment of all of the “on timers”, hiding my Starbucks coffee that made me even later, and speeding are just three of the many efforts I made every morning in 2016.  This year I am trying to get over my Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries complex and be on time for good! Below are 5 tips that have helped me get to work on time in the past that I plan on trying again in 2017.


1. Put your outfit together the night before. Trying to search through my closet in the morning probably costs me an extra 20 minutes of tardiness. I always end up searching through clothes and choosing a casual hobo outfit then realize as I am walking out the door that I have a meeting and have to start the search AGAIN! ? Another good tip is to give yourself three options to choose from incase you change your mind.


2. Meal prepping can save you so much time throughout the week as well as in the morning. Planning your meals and bringing snacks to the office will keep you from grabbing the first thing you see and calling it a meal. If you’re looking to change your eating habits for the New Year, meal prepping can also help you stick to those weight loss plans!


3. Get over your gourmet coffee addiction and save 15 minutes! I have a weakness for coffee and it always tastes the best when someone else makes it. Cutting out gourmet coffee stops in the morning will save you time, calories, and money. Get the at home version of your favorites and make your coffee at home.


4. Stop drinking that habitual night cap. Limit your nightcaps to one and wake up without a splitting headache. If you don’t drink to deal with the fuckery of the day disregard this tip. You are obviously superior.


5. Set multiple alarms and change your alarm tone to something so terribly loud that your are forced to get up. The problems that I face when waking up are snoozing, ignoring, and flat out not hearing alarms because my phone is on silent. Whether you use an app or a real clock always try to move when you hear those alarms ringing.



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